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Dec. 19th, 2008



Spike news!!!

hello, i am a first time poster in this community so sorry if there is something i have done wrong, to be fair i assume people will just be glad the community isn't entirely dead

the news is:  bbc radio 7 has started playing spikes war memoirs (adolf hitler: my part in his downfall) in half hour chunks, read by the man himself. i believe episode one is still on the iplayer if you act quickly!

also, does anyone know where i can download episodes of the goon show in a decent quality. i found one website (http://www.archive.org/details/Goon_Show) but the quality is terrible. can anyone help?


Nov. 3rd, 2008

awesome, black books


Sadly we seem to be a bit dead of late....

But this cropped up on the BBC website today and thought it might be of interest.
Would love to get my hands on something from this auction. Will be interesting to see how well it all sells.

Well....how is everyone? Also, if anyone has any ideas on stuff we can do to perk this community up a bit, please don't hesitate to mention it :)

Jan. 22nd, 2008

awesome, black books


Spike on the noise-box.

Just heard from my mother, who is for once clued up on things ahead of me, that Paul Merton will be reading Adolf Hitler: My Part in his Downfall for the next six weeks on BBC Radio 2, Fridays at 9:15.
From the BBC Press Office:

"Paul Merton's delivery of the gags, characters and Goonish events of the story vividly bring to life the experiences of the 22-year-old Milligan from call-up through basic training in the early years of the War. " 

What with the play

curlybeach posted about and this, old Gunner seems to be having a bit of a revivial period recently. Rejoice!
And don't worry if you miss it, thanks to the genius of the BBC's online Radio player, you can listen again for the whole week  following transmission.
Maybe if we're lucky they might even be released on CD. Petition anyone?



Jan. 17th, 2008

{the hour} the boy who knew too much


A Spike Play.

Just a wee bit o' news that I thought may be of interest here:

Michael Barrymore is to play Spike Milligan in Surviving Spike, a new play about the life of the legend. The article I've linked to isn't very Spike-centric (it's more OMG BARRYMORE), but there is some info given about the show.

The play is described as ‘in intimate glance into Spike’s personal life by the only person who ever really knew him’ – his agent of 36 years, Norma Farnes. It is based on her biography Spike (even though Milligan’s Goon Show co-author John Antrobus also wrote a book called Surviving Spike Milligan)

I'd actually not heard there was going to be such a play - anybody else? Sounds intriguing, though.

[Source: Chortle News Feed]

Dec. 24th, 2007

awesome, black books


Merry Christmas/Seasonal Greetings/Bah Humbug to all our members!

At this point, were I a more organised person who hadn't spent the whole day eating sweet potato crisps and sobbing over the railway children, I would have something clever prepared to woo you all with.
Instead I shall rely on youtube for a quick fix:

And also a poem.
Mick Jagger - A Rock Goblin Raver.

"I'm a rock-and-roll Goblin
With dancin' feet
A skooby-do Daddy
From Basin Street,
Ah lurv ma baby,
Ma baby lurvs me,
A bim bam boogie, 
And I'm ninety-three".

So he went a-dancin',
But alas and alack,
He dropped out fo the charts,
With a heart attack.

Enjoy x

Nov. 27th, 2007

awesome, black books


(no subject)

8 Members so far! Eight is a good number!
Thanks everyone for joining. Do we have anyone with artistic capabilities in the house? Would love to see some Spike related icons and pictures.

For now though, this is introduction central. Post a comment here letting us know who you are and how you discovered Gunner Milligan. 
I'll put the kettle on....

{the hour} the boy who knew too much


(no subject)

Rabbits they say
Are very scarce to-day
My diagnosis?

So simple, so brilliant.

So glad to have been directed to this community.

Nov. 20th, 2007

awesome, black books



 Hello fellow livejournalians (what? shakespeare can invent words and I can't? pish tosh!)
This is the first, and hopefully not the only entry in this brand spanking new community for fans of Spike Milligan, the genius comedian, writer, poet, playwright and musician (1918-2002). 
Please join and show your support. Anything can be posted, so long as it is on topic. Pictures, videos, prose. Or just general fan-warbling. 

And for our first contribution, one of my favourite of Spike's poems-


Things that go bump in the night
Should not really give one a fright
It's the sound in your ear
That lets in the fear
That and the absence of light!